Commercial Manufacturing Enterprise Ruslan and Co., LLC offers three magnificent collections of decorative wall panels for interior finishing:

  • TM RIKO PVC panels;
  • TM DIVO PVC panels;
  • TM Lе Gran PVC panels.

Each series has excellent performance characteristics and eye-catching design.

TM RIKO PVC panels

Plastic panels with thickness of 8 mm have a wide variety of sizes and colors. Customer selects the material according to the following parameters:

  • Panel length – 2,7m, 3m and 6 m;
  • Panel width – lining of 100 and 125 mm, panel 250 mm;
  • Color scheme - colored in white and beige tones, shades of precious wood, mirror, holographic.

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Especially delightful look have surfaces with hologram effect: pattern on them shimmers and flickers depending on the viewing angle and lighting.

Decorative effect on the surface of PVC panels is achieved by using a thermo-transfer method. The collection includes products with an exquisite abstract pattern, texture imitation of wood, cloth and stone.

TM DIVO PVC panels

PVC interior decorative panels with thickness of 8 mm, length of 3 m and 6 m are produced with a consumer width of 250 mm. The glossy pattern is also applied to the panel surface using a thermo-transfer method. Read more

This collection differs from the previous one in design. It has less "wood" patterns, but possesses "marble" and "calico" patterns and holographic surface.

TM Le Gran PVC panels

Decorative PVC panels produced of 2.7 and 3.0 m length represent a special collection. The exclusivity of this series lies in its design. The panels are laminated with PVC film with a structural pattern. Matt embossed surface realistically imitates 7 species of polished wood. Read more

The collection is complemented with four more abstract patterns in white color scheme.