Plastic panels manufactured by Commercial Manufacturing Enterprise Ruslan and Co., LLC are easy to install.

Installation of PVC-panels by your own hands.

Handyman having a conventional construction tools and the manufacturer's instructions will cope with the task without problems.

To make facing you will need:

  • Level gauge;
  • Screw driving machine;
  • Angle grinder or jigsaw power tool;
  • Staple gun;
  • Mounting rails 20х40 mm;
  • Self-drilling screws 20 mm;
  • Starter, angle and F-shaped profiles;
  • Plinth/cornice.

Preparation to installation panels of Ruslan and Co., LLC

Walls that do not have serious defects do not require special preparation works; it would be enough just to remove dust from them. It would be better to putty deep potholes and cracks to avoid thermal bridges. Protruding nails and reinforcements should be cut with grinder.

It is required to place decorative PVC panels in a room with a temperature of 18-22 °C, spread out one by one on a flat floor and remove the shrink film. In this state leave the panels for 1-2 days for conditioning. It is prohibited to put heavy objects on the top of the stacks.

Attention! Decorative plastic panels are recommended to use as panels for indoor facing of walls. Before unpacking and installation the decorative PVC panels should be kept at temperatures no lower than 15 °C within 12 hours and if the ambient temperature is below 0 °C for at least two days.

It is recommended to remove the protective film from all the panels at a time before or after installation.

Facing of premises with panels manufactured by Ruslan & Co, LLC

  • Using a level gauge apply to the base surface the horizontal and vertical layout.
  • Fix the furring. The bottom rail must be near the floor, the upper rail under the ceiling; pitch on the wall shall be 50 cm, pitch on the ceiling is 30 cm.
  • Near the floor fix with screws the starter profile or skirtboard at intervals of 30-40 cm. Fasten the cornice with a stapler gun at the top. If the ceiling is also to be faced with panels the corner profile must be screwed at the top.
  • Fix the inner corner profiles in the corners.
  • Measure the wall height between the profile grooves. It is not necessary to consider expansion clearance for PVC.
  • Mark and cut out the panels one by one.
  • Begin panel installation from any angle. Install the first panel with ridge inserted in the corner profile. Using a level gauge check its vertical position. Secure the panel on the furring with screws by the rear groove edge.
  • Insert each subsequent panel by the ridge into the groove of the previous panel until it stops.
  • Measure the width of the last panel from the ridge, cut off the excess. Insert the cut-off in the corner profile.
  • Remove protective film from the panels.
  • Wipe the facing with a wet cloth and treat with antistatic.
  • Leave the panels for 48 hours in a well ventilated area.

To install the panels around the openings and on the jamb the starter, external corner and F-profile must be used. Insert a mineral wool or other insulation under the plastic jambs, if necessary.

If the design provides for installation of decorative PVC panels of different colors the connecting H-profile is used to connect edge cutoffs in the tone of one of facing materials.


1. The panels are recommended for inner facing of premises;

2. To avoid possible mismatch of decor or color a panel from one batch must be used;

3. To keep the panels clean do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaners;

4. During the use of panels prevent them from impacts and damages caused by sharp objects.