Wall facing with Rikotm MDF-panels is the optimal solution for quick interior renovation. This simple task is performed by a handyman within 1-2 days.

To solve this task the following construction tools, consumables and fastening materials are required:

  • Level gauge;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Angle grinder or jigsaw power tool;
  • Mounting rails 20х40 mm;
  • Plugs;
  • Clips with 3 mm latch plate;
  • 20 mm nails;
  • Starterand multi-purpose profiles;
  • Liquid nails.


Preparation to installation of Rikotm MDF panels

Before facing of walls the thorough preparation of the base surface is not required. It is not needed to remove old plaster, paint and wallpaper. It is enough to clear the wall of debris and dust, putty deep cracks and potholes.

Bring the MDF panels into the room, put on a flat floor by one stack, remove the polythene wrapping and leave the material for conditioning for 48 hours at a temperature of 18-22°C. It is prohibited to put heavy objects on the lamellas to avoid their deformation.


Facing of walls with Rikotm MDF panels

  • Using a level gauge apply a layout on the wall.
  • Using plugs fix the horizontal furring from mounting rails with pitch of 50 cm on the wall and of 30 cm on the ceiling. The lower and upper rail place directly over the floor and under the ceiling.
  • Set the starter profiles near the floor and ceiling.
  • Using a measuring tape measure the wall height between the starting profiles. Subtract 10-15 mm for dilatation gap.
  • Measure and cut out the panels one by one.
  • Start working from the corner. Install the first panel with ridge close to the wall leaving the expansion gap. Using a level gauge check its vertical position.
  • Place the clips on the rear edge of the milled groove and nail to the furring.
  • Insert the next panel by edge into the groove, making sure that there are no cracks between them and secure.
  • Cut on the part of the ridge the width of the last lamella with regard to the dilatation (compensatory) gap.
  • Close the internal and external corners with multi-purpose profile corner securing it with liquid nails. This profile can be used as a cornice and baseboard. It is used for preparation of openings and joints of panels of different colors.
  • Remove the mounting dust with a wet cloth.

Further care for the MDF panels is a wet cleaning. Use only water. The use of acid or abrasive cleaners is prohibited.