Commercial Manufacturing Enterprise "Ruslan & Co." manufactures high quality PVC and MDF decorative panels. Today these products have become a marketable finishing material in the construction materials market. They are chosen for optimum ratio of excellent consumer-oriented characteristics, reasonable price, aesthetics and durability. Almost unlimited choice of decorative surfaces also attracts consumers. Even the most demanding customer will certainly find his perfect option among the 200 colors and textures.

PVC panels

Waterproof PVC panels are excellent material for facing of premises with moist air. They are used for decoration and supplementary thermal and acoustic insulation of walls and ceiling. Read more

PVC panels under the Ruslan and Co., LLC are bought for:

  • Residential buildings (for bathrooms, kitchens, garden rooms, balconies, terraces);
  • Sports and recreation organizations (for swimming pools, laboratories, treatment rooms, corridors, halls);
  • Commercial institutions (for shops, trading pavilions, catering enterprises);
  • Engineering facilities (for storerooms, cellars, warehouses, workshops).

The RIKO PVC panels are waterproof, hygienic and not demand special care. Their excellent performance characteristics and service life meet the requirements of State Standards of Ukraine (DSTU) and Technical specifications (TU), and safety is confirmed by the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological examination and Test protocol for flammability and smoke generation.

MDF panels

The RIKO Laminated MDF panels are used to face engineering and living rooms. They can not be compared with fragile wallpaper, cold plaster, uncomfortable painting. Made from natural raw material panels are decorated with a pictured film and warm color of wood of different grades. They are comfortable, beautiful and cost-effective, because they: Read more

  • Cost less than imported analogues;
  • • Are very quickly and easily mounted;
  • Leave little wastes;.
  • Do not demand care

The RIKO MDF panels serve in the interior for more than 20 years on all areas except in premises with constant high humidity.


Several types of special profiles provide quick and clean installation of decorative wall panels: Read more

  • Starter;
  • Connection;
  • Inner angle;
  • Outer angle;
  • Plinth;
  • Universal angle;
  • Strip to the gypsum board ends;
  • Arch angle;
  • Straight perforated angle;
  • Face perforated angle with a mesh.

The Ruslan and Co., LLC Company produces profiles that ideally suit the size of the base material, preserving the harmony of the colors and decor.