Commercial Manufacturing Enterprise Ruslan & Co. was founded in 1991. Supply of building and finishing materials of the best foreign brands on the Ukrainian market was the main company specialization.

In 2001, the Company has built production facilities, purchased modern extrusion equipment and launched its own PVC paneland mounting profiles production for interior finishing under the TM RIKO.

In 2010 taking into account the need for Ukrainian consumers in a really high-quality finishing materials, the Company management decided to organize scientific and production unit. Its specialists have developed and implemented unique components, helped to improve the strength and physical and technical characteristics of products.

In 2014 the Company has expanded its production with release of 18 types of MDF facing panels popular with consumers with width of 153 mm and 194 mm with a smooth and structural surface.

In March 2015 the Quality management system control of "Ruslan & Co" was certified according to ISO 9001: 2008.

The International Quality Certificate confirms that at the Enterprise:

  • Аll the processes are maintained and controlled by the management;
  • The possibility of process operation failures, loss of products quality, release of defect products are eliminated;
  • Products meet the needs of modern consumers;
  • Wall panels correspond the requirements of legislative bodies;
  • Qualified staff is engaged;
  • Regular calibration of process and measuring equipment is carried out;
  • Continuous analysis of incoming orders is carried out;
  • Every comment or consumer complaints are considered;
  • Constant monitoring of the product quality image on the part of consumers is carried out.

The Commercial Manufacturing Enterprise Ruslan & Co is constantly improving production process, continuously looking for new opportunities for the maximum satisfaction of the market and the final consumer.