Production and Technology

Commercial Manufacturing Enterprise Ruslan & Co produces decorative PVC and MDF panels under RIKO, DIVO and Le Gran trade marks. The production process is carried out by qualified personnel using modern equipment with the application of innovative technologies.

Production of PVC panels

Mixture Preparation

The production process begins at mixing department.

For the production of plastic panels we use mixture based on PVC adding components that improve high physical and mechanical properties of products. Proper mixing of components is achieved by high-precision equipment.

Extrusion of PVC panels

The result of mixing process - a homogenous mixture. It is filled into the hopper of extruder where the PVC panels production process begins.

The process is control by qualified operators. They responsible for extruder, receiver, cooling calibrator adjustment. Specialists look after the process of raw materials heating, pressure and temperature data in the system, compound bursting speed through forming mould.


Finished products packing


Packers accept finished product, check its compliance with technical requirements and pack panels in shrink film or PE sleeve

Finished products storage

Storekeepers are responsible for handling finished goods at warehouse to make sure that storage conditions meet the product’s storage requirements. They prepare placing for packages and create conditions for careful storage. For goods are being shipped out rapidly and with full accordance with customers applications. 

Produkcja paneli MDF

Technological process of MDF panels manufacturing begins in the cutting workshop. Qualified calibrators – cutters monitor the cutting process.

On the milling lines the edges of the semi-finished products are furnished with tongue-and-groove locking system.

The qualified operators of laminating line monitor the process of automatic application of decorative films and are responsible for the uniformity and durability of gluing.

MDF collection includes:

  • panels, laminated with finish film with a decorative pattern;
  • panels, laminated with moisture-proof PVC film with a structural pattern, creating the effect of natural material;
  • decorative mounting profiles.

Packaging, storage and shipment of MDF products are carried out under the same requirements as PVC products.