The quality of Commercial Manufacturing Enterprise Ruslan & Co facing panels complies with requirements of International certificates ISO 9001: 2015. Quality control is implemented at all stages of the process:

  • Raw materials. We buy primary polymer from European manufacturers that have been certified according to ISO 9001, and further check its quality using our own means.
  • Compound. We monitor the process of mixture preparation, adherence of formulation and uniformity of the mass. Before being fed into the extruder hopper the mixture passes the incoming control.
  • Finished products. Products from each batch undergo acceptance testing for strength. In addition, products undergo periodic testing in accordance with regulatory standards.

Certificates for PVC panels:

Conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological examination and test report:

Inspection report for flammability and smoke generation: 

Certificates for MDF panels:

State sanitary-epidemiological examination:

The Company's Quality policy is aimed at meeting of customer requirements for performance and decorative characteristics of the products. The applicable at the Company control procedure is focused on European requirements and management experience. Its implementation has made it possible to certify the Quality management system in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001.

The strategic goal of the implementation of this Polzicy is the absolute trust of our customers to the Company and the highest level of customer satisfaction. To achieve it, we:

  • Improve the technology and production organization of polymer products;
  • Strictly fulfill the requirements of normative and technical documentation;
  • Prevent the release of defective products;
  • Strictly fulfill contractual obligations;
  • Always take into account the individual requirements of our customers;
  • Employ a flexible approach to pricing formation and payments system;
  • Working to improve the qualification of or personnel;
  • Employ a scientific approach to the labor organization;
  • Conduct a systematic Company modernization;
  • Develop new types of polymer products and production technologies.

This policy is implemented throughout all the business units of the Company and is mandatory for all its employees. Director of the Company deals with the analysis and evaluation of the implemented Quality policy.